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Regulary asked Questions

Hopefully this page will answer all your questions about your ride.

Q - What should I wear for
the ride?

Answer -

In Winter -

Please use your own discretion on the day but in Winter we would advise wearing a coat.

In  Summer - 

Please use your own discretion but on a hot day, part or all of the canopy might be off so the sun will be directly on the boat. It is always advisable to  wear sun cream to protect yourself from the sun.

Q - Can I bring my own food and drink on the ride?

Answer - 

You are NOT allowed to bring any food or drink on the rides of your own. We will provide you with a complimentary glass of Bubbly, or a glass of fresh orange juice or a cordial cup drink.

Q - Is there disabled access?

Answer - 

There is unfortunately no access for wheelchairs to get onboard the boat. Walking disabled people will be okay but please be aware, there are a few steps to get on and off

the boat.

We are sorry about this but it is due to the design of the boat.

Q - Is there a toilet onboard?

Answer - 

There is a staff toilet onboard the Libby Rose but in an emergency, you would be able to use it, for example, for a child that was desperate.

Q - What if I am late for the ride, will you leave without me?

Answer - 

We have a set schedule for the rides so if someone is late and we waited ten or fifteen minutes, that would mean that all the other rides for that day would run late. Therefore, we are happy to wait for five minutes but after that, we will have to leave without you.

If you do miss a ride, we are always happy to fit you in for the next available ride when there is sufficient space for you. 

Refunds will not be given if you miss a ride due to your own fault.

Q - Can I bring a pram onboard?

Answer - 

Unfortunately, there is no space onboard for a pram or shopping trolleys etc so they are not permitted onboard.

Q - Can I bring my pet onboard?

Answer - 

Unfortunately, animals are NOT allowed onboard.

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